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Bootleg Candle Company Reed Diffuser 375ml

Bootleg Candle Company Reed Diffuser 375ml

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BootLeg reed diffusers are the perfect solution for smaller rooms or areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, foyers, etc. You never have to worry about whether or not you blew your candle out before you left the house. Simply drop in your reeds and enjoy months of amazing fragrance. This Whiskey Barrel fragrance is an amazing combination of lightly toasted white oak, vanilla and a little of that beautiful Kentucky bourbon spice. It is the perfect compliment to our Whiskey Barrel candle.

Remember to flip your reeds about 2 hours after initial install then flip them about once a week to refresh the scent and keep your reeds from clogging. You can adjust the strength of the fragrance in your area by changing the amount of reeds you use. More reeds equals stronger scent throw, adjust to your liking. Once fragrance becomes to week even after flipping reeds it’s time to put a fresh set of reeds in.

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